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OMG I LOVE THIS DRESS!!! I am a new bride looking to have a realistically priced wedding gown (paying $400 is robbery) and gave this gown a go. It's not advertised under wedding, but it is PERFECT for a wedding gown! I bought it and 3 days later it was at my house (about a week before the free super savings shipping said it would be there). For it to get from the west coast to the east coast (where I live) in 3 days is amazing.

Now, my apprehensions on buying it all in the first place were this:

1. I'm not paying gizillion dollars. Is it going to be good quality?

Answer: you know, I went into this thinking that the quality of the fabric and stitching was going to be shotty but that it would at least look nice. I was wrong, the fabric and stitching quality is astounding. I am so pleased (and surprised) that's it's made as nicely as it is. I examined the whole dress and found only one tiny stitch (about an inch long) that could have been redone but it's not in an obvious place so no one would have even noticed it

2. Some places sell dresses that are copies of designer dresses, but they use the designer photo to advertise... so I'm really getting a 2nd grade dress.

Answer: Again, surprise! the dress actually looks like the picture and is just as beautiful as the $600 one advertised on wedding websites. Go figure.

3. Size: is the sizing chart right aka will the thing actually fit

Answer: The sizing chart says to buy one size bigger than you usually wear. Don't do that. I didn't and I'm glad I didn't. I usually wear size 0 - 2 jeans/shirts/slacks/dresses or X-Small so I ordered an X-Small and it fits more like a Small/size 4. This is actually perfect for me because it gives me enough fabric to work with when I go get it taken in before my wedding (which is typical for wedding gowns anyway- you'll be hard pressed to find a dress that won't need to be altered at all). And ultimately, all I'm going to need to do is take the corseted top in about an inch and bring the hem up a little. Pretty minor alterations just so it cinches my waste the way I want it to- and the fabric has a little satin stretch to it, so it will be comfortable. The cascaded bottom is not form fitting and will likely not need to be altered for anyone. But I'm extraordinarily petite, so most people won't have to alter it at all. Just buy your actual size or if you want it for wedding and plan on having it custom fit, I would consider buying a size larger.

One things to watch out for after buying/getting the dress:
- The box was a lot smaller than I expected it to be
When it came to my house, I kinda looked at it like "Uh oh, no way the dress I thought I bought would fit into that." The box was the size of maybe 3 really heavy college textbooks. But when I pulled the dress out and opened it, it literally unfolded like a big white flower and now it's all huge and puffy like in the picture. And it's not even wrinkled after being wrapped up like it was. What they save on packaging and not using wasteful filler paper (which is not needed anyway- it's a dress, it's not going to break) you save in the cost of the gown. So don't judge this book by its cover (or box)

I am really happy with it and will be telling everyone at my wedding how much it cost me and where I got it from. I'll make an effort to figure out how to post a video review after I get it fitted so you all can see how it looks. I am a very happy customer!