Kameez Salwar Printed Embroidered Cotton Womens Dress Size S (slk363)

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Kameez Salwar covers a woman's body in the way no other dress does. From neck to toe, Kameez Salwar provides complete protection against sun rays in summer and against chill will in winter. It is also one of those rare dresses that fit in well equally for business and for casual wear. Each Kameez Salwar comes with a long rectangular scarf that is meant to be draped from shoulders down.

Kameez Salwar Printed Embroidered Cotton Womens Dress
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For those not so familiar with Indian dresses, Salwar is the bottom part of the dresss, in the form of trousers. There is a drawstring for tying at the waist level. Kameez, also known as kurta is the upper part of the dress, is in the form of a long shirt. Preferred length for kameez by most women is knee- length. Sleeves come in variable sizes sleeveless, short sleeve, half sleeve, three quarter sleeve, and full sleeve. The fabric is usually light weight, which is what makes this dress extremely comfortable. Since the dress is meant to be loose fit, it is very breathable too.
ShalinCraft salwar kameez dress is unique as it is handcrafted by the traditional and skilled artisans of Gujarat and Lucknow. Gujarati and Lucknow textile artisans are well known for their adroit embroidery work, and it is very visible in each of ShalinCraft salwar kameez. Apart from embroidery, printing of the fabric too is distinguished. In most cases it is block print or tie dye print by hand. When you wear ShalinCraft Indian salwar kameez, you feel you are not just wearing a dress; you are wearing a work of art, a dress that has a soul.