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Lehanga Choli is favourite celebration dress, or Party Dress, for most young women in north India. Women love to wear this colourful and vibrant dress on occasions like Diwali, Holi, or New Year parties. And yes, it is number one dress for young women in all north Indian weddings. These days even brides, who previously used to wear mostly sarees, prefer to wear lehanga choli.

Party Dress Lehenga Choli Womens Clothes in India
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For those not very familiar with Indian dresses, lehanga is the bottom part of the dress, skirt, usually knee length, or just a few inches above. Choli is a close fit, short length blouse, with open back and meant to be tied with a draw string. Sometimes women also like to add long rectangular Indian scarf to the ensemble of lehanga choli. ShalinCraft lehanga cholis Party Dress are unique as they are handcrafted by some of the finest weaving artisans of Gujarat.
The embroidery and printing skills of Gujarati artisans are respected worldwide. The fabric is printed through block printing or through tie and dye. Embroidery is unique because it makes extensive use of mirror works. Such embroidery gives the dress a dazzling look. But more important is the fact that according to Gujarati folklore, these mirrors are meant to reflect away any evils coming into one's life.
All of ShalinCraft lehanga cholis come in cotton fabric making the dress extremely breathable. When you wear ShalinCraft Indian lehanga choli, you feel you are not just wearing a dress; you are wearing a work of art, a dress that has a soul.